Waterpik Cordless Review

Not everyone enjoys the work it can take to keep your teeth clean, but we all know how important it is to keep your teeth in good shape. With the right tools, the process can become a lot easier, and it might be more fun as well.

If you're anything like me, you know it can be hard to motivate yourself to floss sometimes. String floss can be uncomfortable and annoying. It can cause your gums to bleed and can get stuck between teeth that aren't perfectly aligned. Yet time after time, you may find that your dentist is still urging you to floss more.

The good news is that string floss isn't your only option. Water flossers are tools that are becoming more popular in the dental hygiene market. They are more gentle on your gums and you won't have to worry about string floss getting stuck between your teeth.

Instead, all you have to do is fill it up, select the ideal level of pressure and get to work. Water flossers like the Waterpik are easier to use and a lot less likely to leave your gums a bleeding mess. Many have also found that they can be a lot more effective than trying to reach everything with a piece of string.

Furthermore, the Waterpik minimizes waste because it's a tool you can use for years and you only need water and some rechargeable battery power to do it. It's great for you as well as the world around you.

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Waterpik Cordless Review

The features that come with the Waterpik seem nearly endless. They include an appealing design choice, which is great for those who are seeking something portable.

When you don't want to have to wait, you can also make use of the rapid charging capabilities for a quick recharge. With multiple tips to get the best results, and a head that is able to turn a full 360 degrees, you'll be able to make sure that every tooth is perfectly clean.

Make sure to take a look at these other features as well:

Key Features

The features that come with the Waterpik seem nearly endless. They include an appealing design choice, which is great for those who are seeking something portable.

When you don't want to have to wait, you can also make use of the rapid charging capabilities for a quick recharge. With multiple tips to get the best results, and a head that is able to turn a full 360 degrees, you'll be able to make sure that every tooth is perfectly clean.

Make sure to take a look at these other features as well:

Accepted by the ADA

This isn't just a tool you stumble across on the internet that may not have any real, scientific value. The Waterpik is actually approved by dentists.

As a result, you can use it knowing that you're actually creating results that will keep your mouth healthy. You may even find that some dentists claim water flossing has a higher level of effectiveness than using the string we've known for so many years.

Unique Settings

Three settings ensure you can get exactly the results you need. These settings range from 45PSI at the lowest, to 75PSI at the highest setting.

No matter what level of pressure you need, the Waterpik will have you covered. Just be careful and start with a lower setting to make sure you understand just how powerful the device is before moving to a higher one.

It's a Portable Device

The Waterpik is not only designed to be easy to use on the go, but also includes accessories like a travel bag that make it easy to travel with.

The charge can hold for a few days, and the water reservoir is built right into the flosser, so you don't need to worry about traveling with a large reservoir. This can be limiting while at home, but it makes taking care of your teeth while you're on the road much simpler.

Rapid Charging

With the ability to charge quickly, the Waterpik will be able to get a solid charge without having to rest for too long. In about 4 hours, it will be able to charge completely. That means you'll rarely have to wait long for enough power to get the job done.

Typically, this isn't too much of a problem if you're using your flosser somewhere power is always available, but it's definitely good to know!

It's Waterproof

You can easily use this water flosser in the shower. In combination with a good toothbrush, you'll be able to take care of everything in the shower. It really saves your sink from accumulating toothpaste, and you'll be good to go once you're done in the shower.

Versatile Use

There are a number of ways in which the Waterpik can work. It's great for those who need to clean natural teeth, replacement teeth or underneath braces. Many of us know how difficult they can be to keep clean! Additionally, the several different tips included add options for those who need orthodontic help, or to reach plaque in difficult areas.

Plenty of Extras

When you get the Waterpik, you'll also get a travel case, 4 tips, a travel plug, a rapid charger and more to ensure you have everything you need before you need to replace any parts.

Some of the tips are also designed to perform more specific tasks, which is great for those who need a little extra help.

The Tip Rotates

Due to the design, the tip is able to reach even the trickier places in your mouth. If the regular tips aren't enough, the plaque-seeking one is sure to get the job done. As a result, it's much easier to get plaque cleaned away, no matter where it is located.

A 3-Year Warranty

On top of the flosser itself and all of the physical accessories, your money also goes towards a warranty that will last you for 3 years. The warranty is limited, but it's likely to cover you if anything strange should happen to the flosser. 

Cordless Waterpik Pros

  • Provides Improved Results Over String Flossing- The swiveling tip and ability to reach places string floss simply can't means this device is capable of removing more plaque than other methods. Those who use it notice that their teeth are left feeling cleaner and that it's gentler on their gums. You'll see less gum bleeding and be able to enjoy a mouth free from plaque.
  • Multiple Settings Make Cleaning Easy- There are 3 different settings on this device, which offer different levels of pressure. For those just starting out, the lowest pressure will be the easiest to learn with, and won't be hard on your gums. Once you learn how to use the device more effectively, the highest setting can aid in getting the job done quickly.
  • Extra Tips Ensure You Get Exactly What You Need- The kit includes 2 regular tips, one designed for orthodontic use and one capable of reaching plaque in the more difficult areas. Because of that, you won't have to worry about replacing the tips for quite a while.
  • Convenient Charging Means Less of a Wait Time- This device includes magnetic charging abilities, which are designed to work rapidly. That means you get a full charge more quickly with less time spent waiting.
  • Longer Battery Life- Some have claimed that the battery on the Waterpik can last days before it needs to be recharged. This is highly convenient when you need to take it on short trips where it may not be able to charge. Just make sure to leave it on the charger for at least 4 hours before taking it anywhere.
  • Fair Pricing- You'll be able to trust that the pricing on this tool is fair. It allows you to save over the most expensive styles while still knowing that what you're paying for is a quality tool. Overall, it's an investment you're unlikely to regret.
  • It's Portable- The reservoir on this Waterpik is smaller than other options, meaning it will be easier to travel with. Furthermore, you'll also get a travel bag, a case for the extra tips and an extra plug for when you need to take it on the go.
  • Quiet Functioning- The Waterpik is a quiet machine, so it won't annoy you while you use it. Additionally, you won't need to worry about waking anyone else up when you get your morning floss done. This also makes it easy to listen to your favorite music or podcast while you get the job out of the way.

Cordless Waterpik Cons

  • The Reservoir is Small- Because this is a tool made to be portable, the water reservoir is smaller than many water flosser options out there. As a result, you may need to refill the reservoir more frequently.
  • Troublesome to Refill- Some can find that they have a hard time refilling the water reservoir in the sink due to the design. It can end up making a mess, or just not getting filled up completely.
  • Lack of Power- In some cases, the water pressure offered by this device may not be enough to get the job done. Some have found that even on the highest pressure, they struggle to clean away all of the plaque.
  • Quality Control Problems- One of the most troubling problems is that the Waterpik can sometimes cease working after just a couple months of use. Consequently, it's important to make sure you are familiar with what the warranty on the device covers, just in case you find that you need to return or replace the one you purchase.

How Does Cordless Waterpik Work?

The design of the Waterpik is made to be quite intuitive. Because it has a charging station, you'll probably want to make sure it starts charging as soon as you open the box. Keep an eye on the indicator to make sure that the device is charging, and once it's fully charged you can try it out.

At that point, you'll need to add some water to the reservoir on the Waterpik. If you're someone who has sensitive teeth or gums, you may want to use water that is somewhat warm, as it will be easier on the nerves. 

Once you're ready to go, you'll need to select a pressure level for the water. If you've never used a water flosser before, it's a good idea to start with the lowest setting. Once you've gotten a feel for the level of power at that setting, you can move to a higher setting if you want.

Work from tooth to tooth, making sure to clean away any plaque you see. Don't forget wisdom teeth if you have them, and make sure the water is able to get between each set of teeth. Take your time, and you'll surely enjoy fantastic results by the time you are finished.

The cordless Waterpik makes flossing fun.


It's only natural to want to know what all your money is getting you. When you purchase the Waterpik, you'll get all of this:

  • The cordless Waterpik
  • A pair of classic tips
  • 1 tip for plaque-seeking
  • 1 tip for orthodontic purposes
  • The magnetic charger
  • A storage case for the tips
  • A travel bag
  • A travel plug


If you have issues with normal dental floss and you are not flossing daily. It would be a great benefit to you and your teeth to add a cordless waterpik to your daily dental routine.

Taking care of your gums is just as important as taking care of your teeth. So don't forget to neglect your gums. Want to the know difference between using a waterpik vs dental floss?