When choosing a waterpik to add to your oral hygiene. You want to be sure you’re buying one that offers the very best in terms of durability, performance and quality. The 660 and 670 models might be quite close in number, but there are some vital differences that you’ll no doubt want to find out more about before you decide which Waterpik product is the right one for you.

Home hygiene is big business these days, and that means that we have plenty of options to choose between. It definitely makes sense to find out more about these two models and any others out there before deciding which will suit your needs best.

These two have been selected because of their quality. So if you don’t want to waste any time and simply want to know which is best, we’re going to discuss these two options and deliver you with the information you need before you make your purchase.

They’re both advanced Waterpiks with a range of features and technologies on offer. If you’re looking to eliminate plague and improve your dental hygiene, choosing a Waterpik makes sense.

Read on to find out about the Waterpik 660 and 670 and what each can do for you.

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Waterpik 660 or Waterpik 670

Waterpik 660 Review

The Waterpik 660 is one of the most highly regarded oral hygiene products on the market. That has been the case since the product was initially launched. It has 10 pressure settings and you can pause the flow of water any time you want to with a button on the handle of the device. 

This gives you more control over the water and avoids the messy problems that are sometimes created by other water flossers on the market that you will pay less for.

The handle has a turning mechanism which is useful when you’re trying to reach all the areas in your mouth. Some parts can be hard to reach but you won’t have to worry about any of that if you choose a Waterpik 660.

It’s very flexible and offers you fantastic amounts of control over how you use it and where you’re able to reach. It’s something that really makes this model stand out above its competitors on the market.

There are timer and pacer settings here as well. These are great when you want to make sure that you’re reaching all of the most important parts of your mouth and spending an equal amount of time on all of them.

Many of us find it hard to keep track of how long we’re brushing and flossing for, and this model takes care of all of that for you so that you don’t even need to think about it, with its built in timer. It’s definitely a nice feature to have access to.

The Waterpik 660 comes with two different flossing modes, enabling you to floss while you massage your gums at the same time. This is important because it helps improve the circulation in your gums, which in turn helps to keep them healthier in the long-term.

So although it might not seem like a significant feature, it is one that you should make use of. It’s even useful for people who already have gum disease because this can begin the process of reversing it.

There’s a variety of tips that come with the product when you buy it, allowing you to use it for a variety of purposes. It gives you plenty of options and ensures that there are enough tips for the whole family to use as well.

All in all, it’s a great flosser and offers all of the things that you would want from this kind of product. It uses an LED function indicator for ease of use as well.

There are 7 tips in total that come with the Waterpik 660. The Classic jet tips are for general use and these might be the ones you end up using most. But there are plenty of other tips that add extra functionality to the product.

These include a toothbrush tip for general use, a plaque seeker tip for removing debris and bacteria present in your mouth, an orthodontic tip for people looking to reach around wires and braces and a Pik Pocket tip for cleaning below the gum line.


One of the only things that a lot of people dislike about the Waterpik 660 is the noise it makes. It does tend to generate quite a lot of noise when it’s in use. And in a small bathroom, that noise can be quite frustrating. It’s not the biggest problem in the world but it’s one to take into account.

Waterpik 660 Pros

  • Very affordable
  • 7 tips to choose from
  • Built-in timer
  • On/Off Switch to avoid mess

Waterpik 660 Cons

  • Counter-Top Model
  • Noisey

Waterpik 670 Review

One of the first things you’ll notice when looking for a Waterpik 670 is that there are many different accents and designs available.

They’ve gone all out with the colors, from pink to blue and back again; there’s something for everyone here in terms of design.

If you’re someone who doesn’t care all too much about how the water flosser looks and you’re more focused on how it performs, the Waterpik 670 won’t let you down in that department either. 

It’s features rich and offers a range of capabilities from flossing to remove plaque to pulse modulation, which massages your gums.

All of the features that come with the 660 model are available here with the 670. There might not be enough extra added to make an upgrade worthwhile if you already have a Waterpik 660.

However if you’re buying one for the first time, it makes sense to choose the newest model because it does everything the 660 does, as well as a little more. It costs a little more but that’s one of the only things to make you really think about the choice.

The majority of the features found on the 670 are also present on the 660 Waterpik model. It has the same timer capabilities, allowing you to know exactly when you’ve been flossing for long enough.

The timer is a a helpful feature that makes a real difference and is known to be very important to your dental and oral hygiene. If you don’t brush and floss for long enough, maintaining strong oral hygiene becomes much more difficult.

The thing that really makes the Waterpik 670 stand out is the range of colors and the visually appealing accents it has. For this reason, the product can be particularly good for younger people or your teenage children who are looking for something a little more fun and less boring than the design of other options, such as the standard 660 model.

 It looks great and is most definitely one of the most stylish and expertly designed oral hygiene products on the market right now.

There are 10 pressure settings available here, ranging from 10 to 100 PSI. 

This allows you to have complete control over how you use this product and what kind of impact it can have for you. Everyone has different needs and it’s a definite positive that the Waterpik 670 takes that into account.

All in all, the Waterpik 670 is a fantastic product that’s an upgrade on the Waterpik 660, while continuing to offer all of the fantastic features that the 660 innovated with. It leads the way in terms of features and technology.


With the Waterpik 670, the body and tray need to be locked carefully in place because if they’re not, there’s a chance that a leak can start. It means that you have to take a little care and pay attention to what you’re doing when you’re using it if you want to avoid frustrating problems such as this.

Waterpik 670 Pros

  • 10 pressure settings
  • Multi-Colors to choose from
  • Built-in Timer
  • Built-in On/Off switch

Waterpik 670 Cons

  • Not Portable
  • On the Pricier side

What’s the Difference Between the Waterpik 660 vs 670?

There are many differences and similarities between these two models. In terms of the core tech, they both have 10 pressure settings and 90 seconds of water capacity. It’s also the case that the accessories that come with these two Waterpiks are also the same.

They have a brush head top, a plague seeking tip and an orthodontic tip for you to make use of. However, the 670 does offer a storage case for your tips that the 660 doesn’t have.

If you’re looking for different styling and color options, the 670 definitely comes out on top. It has a display that’s newer and that new design takes it beyond the display offered by the 660. It also has a range of color options that are not available if you choose the 660 model. Other than aesthetics, there isn’t too much difference about the features offered by the two models of Waterpik.

There’s a slight difference in the outer design of the outer casing as well. It’s slightly cleaner and more presentable on the 670, but there’s not all that much difference between the two. The 660 design works just as well and this, of course, doesn’t affect how you use the product in any way.

What to Consider When Buying a Waterpik

There’s a range of things to consider when buying a Waterpik. For some people, the settings and features will matter most. Both the 660 and the 670 excel in this department and there’s not a lot to choose between them in this regard either.

The 10 pressure settings are very good and the timer and pacer components offer a better flossing experience in both cases. There are also different usage modes that can be selected in both cases.

Efficiency is another thing to think about when buying a model such as this. You’ll want to make sure that they produce the outcomes you’re looking for without wasting time or energy. It’s always a good idea to look for a trusted brand name when buying this kind of product as well, and Waterpik is known for its quality products, so that should be no problem.

The style and appearance of your Waterpik might not seem all that important, but it’s one of the things that makes these two models stand apart. Be sure to consider this when choosing a model because the 670 definitely affords you more options and gives you more choice.

The range of accessories you get is something you should think about when buying a Waterpik. The accessories and tips that come with the device will dictate how you can use it and what it’s able to do, so it makes sense to find one that offers all of the things you’re looking for.

Other things to consider include the build quality and user reviews a product gets. People who have used the product for a prolonged period of time are in the best possible position to tell you what you need to know about using a product, so don’t hesitate to read reviews and get insights into how people are experiencing the product.


In conclusion, it’s clear that both the 660 and 670 models offer the kind of performance and capabilities that you’re looking for from this sort of product. Waterpik is a trusted brand. They’ve produced two high quality products that are capable of performing well when removing your plague and increasing your chances of strong dental hygiene. 

There’s not much to seperate them but if you want the extras and the styling options only offered by the 670 model, that’s the one you should go for.

The tech backing up each of these options is very strong and at the cutting edge of what’s possible in home oral hygiene today. The reservoir capacity of each of these models is very good, standing at 90 seconds. That’s more than many other comparable products and offers the amount of water for the amount of time that’ll suit your needs more than adequately.

The range of settings and tips is very strong across the board as well. It really comes down to how much you care about the design of the product and how much you want to spend.

If you want to spend a little less and you’re not too bothered about the design, choose the Waterpik 660. If you want to spend a little more and get stronger design elements, choose the Waterpik 670.