Smile Direct Club Review

Smile Direct Club is leading the way in teeth straightening with their invisible teeth aligners. Their invisible teeth aligners are changing teeth straightening for the better by making it more affordable and by bringing teeth straightening to those that were unable to get to an orthodontist by delivering them to your door step. Not only have they made teeth straightening up to 60% cheaper than traditional braces they are also making the teeth straightening process faster and more convenient.

Invisible aligners are not that new in the teeth straightening world. Orthodontists starting using them back in the early 1990's, for people who wanted straighter teeth, but didn't like the unsightly look of traditional metal braces. This however was almost 2x the cost of metal braces, making them too expensive for most.

However, unlike traditional braces where you have to see an orthodontist all the time while you are straighten your teeth because they have to tighten them invisible aligners are different because there is no need to tighten them. Rather than tightening, you switch to a new tray. Making the teeth straightening process less painful and less torcheres. 

Why Choose Smile Direct Club?

There is a reason why SmileDirectClub was voted Best Invisible Braces for 2019 not only are they changing the teeth straightening industry they are also leading the way with their top notch customer service. Customers are enjoying the fact that they can get their desired straighter smile without the hassle of seeing an orthodontist all the time. Not to mention the savings in the difference between Smile Direct Club and traditional braces is enough to make you smile. 

Smile Direct Club is also offer free services that other invisible braces company's aren't offering. With over 150 + stores around the US and more opening up all the time, they are making it easy to know you are a candidate for invisible braces by simply stepping foot in one of their stores for a free consultation. 

Why Smile Direct Club is Better Than Traditional Braces?

Smile Direct Club is offer a more comfortable way to straighten and align your teeth for your perfect smile. Rather than having a mouth full of traditional metal braces, that can be uncomfortable and cut your gums. Smile Direct Club is straightening teeth through plastic invisible aligners, which is friendlier and more comfortable on your teeth and gums.  

Not only are the offering their invisible teeth aligners at prices that are hard to beat. We love their cheap prices and all the payment plans they are offering to help everyone get their desired smile.  

They are changing the teeth straightening industry, by bringing it online and mailing your teeth aligners to your door step so there is no need to continually go to the orthodontist. Skipping the orthodontist appointments not only saves you money, but also the total time on your teeth straightening, making up to 3 times faster than traditional braces. 

Customer Experience with Smile Direct Club

There are many invisible teeth straightening companies out there today, but Smile Direct Club is leading the way with their customer service. They have done to teeth straightening today, what Uber has done for the taxi service. They have taken an industry and redesigned it. Not only making it better, faster and cheaper, but also keeping their customers happy.

Customers are loving the the fact that they can straighten their teeth without the hassle of going to the orthodontist constantly. Not only is this saving their customers time, but it also is less painful. There is no need for an orthodontist to tighten your braces and go through all that pain.

Smile Direct Club not only has made teeth straighten more affordable, they have also creating a supportive groups online including facebook groups, creating a support system for all those who are using their product or considering using their product.

Smile Direct Club is leading the way and changing teeth straightening for the better. If you don't have major teeth straightening issues and you qualify for their program. It comes highly recommended.