Smile Direct Club is leading the way in teeth straightening with their invisible teeth aligners. Their invisible teeth aligners are changing teeth straightening for the better by making it more affordable and by bringing teeth straightening to those that were unable to get to an orthodontist by delivering them to your doorstep. Not only have they made teeth straightening up to 60% cheaper than traditional braces they are also making the teeth straightening process faster and more convenient.

Invisible aligners are not that new in the teeth straightening world. Orthodontists starting using them back in the early 1990's, for people who wanted straighter teeth, but didn't like the unsightly look of traditional metal braces. This however was almost 2x the cost of metal braces, making them too expensive for most.

However, unlike traditional braces where you have to see an orthodontist all the time while you are straighten your teeth because they have to tighten them invisible aligners are different because there is no need to tighten them. Rather than tightening, you switch to a new tray. Making the teeth straightening process less painful and less torcheres.

Why Choose Smile Direct Club?

There is a reason why Smile Direct Club was voted Best Invisible Braces for 2019. Not only are they changing the teeth straightening industry they are also leading the way with their top notch customer service. Customers are enjoying the fact that they can get their desired straighter smile without the hassle of seeing an orthodontist all the time. Not to mention the savings in the difference between Smile Direct Club and traditional braces is enough to make you smile.

 Smile Direct Club is also offer free services that other invisible braces company's aren't offering. With over 150 + stores around the US and more opening up all the time, they are making it easy to know you are a candidate for invisible braces by simply stepping foot in one of their stores for a free consultation.

Are Teeth Aligners Safe?

Like traditional braces, the American Association of Orthodontists approves the safe use of teeth aligners as administered by an orthodontic professional.

According to their website, orthodontists  are those who “have graduated from dental school and then successfully completed the additional two-to-three years of education in an accredited orthodontic residency program.”

DIY or homemade braces are deeply frowned upon by the AAO. However, the in-home impression kits that Smile Direct uses are an exception as they are created and sent by orthodontic professionals.

Why Smile Direct Club is Better Than Traditional Braces?

Smile Direct Club is offer a more comfortable way to straighten and align your teeth for your perfect smile. Rather than having a mouth full of traditional metal braces, that can be uncomfortable and cut your gums. Smile Direct Club is straightening teeth through plastic invisible aligners, which is friendlier and more comfortable on your teeth and gums. 

Not only are the offering their invisible teeth aligners at prices that are hard to beat. We love their cheap prices and all the payment plans they are offering to help everyone get their desired smile. 

 They are changing the teeth straightening industry, by bringing it online and mailing your teeth aligners to your doorstep so there is no need to continually go to the orthodontist. Skipping the orthodontist appointments not only saves you money, but also the total time on your teeth straightening, making up to 3 times faster than traditional braces.

The Smile Direct Process

Getting started with Smile Direct Club is seamless and straightforward. Customers interested in this teeth alignment treatment can take this free online assessment to find out if Smile Direct is right for them. Your Smile Direct doctor will look at your teeth and medical history to ensure that Smile Direct aligners will work and be effective.

The assessment only takes 30 seconds to complete and asks questions concerning the current state of your teeth and what your goals are with teeth alignment.

  • A few of the questions the assessment will ask are:
  • Why are you thinking about straightening your teeth?
  • Have you worn braces or invisible aligners in the past?
  • Which picture most closely represents your teeth in their current state?

These questions will inform Smile Direct professionals about the current state of your teeth and whether or not their program is the right choice for you.

After finishing the online assessment, the Smile Direct treatment process can be completed in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 - Make a Good Impression

Smile Direct Club will start by making a 3D image of your teeth to see exactly what’s going on and align your smile. There are two easy ways to make a 3D image: you can either visit a SmileShop for a scan of your smile or the Smile Direct professionals can build it from the impression you take using their at-home impression kit.

If you opt to visit a smile shop, a Smile Guide will take a 3D scan of your current teeth, a process that takes less than 30 minutes and only requires you to come in once. There are numerous Smile Shop locations throughout the United States, with more being added.

In either case, whether you opt for an in-home or in-office impression, your 3D smile will then be reviewed by a duly licensed dentist or orthodontist, who will guide your new smile from beginning to end - with a treatment plan that lasts, on average, 6 months.

Step 2 - Get Aligned

Next, Smile Direct will send you a preview of your new smile showing how your smile will transform and begin production of your clear aligners, as unique to you as a fingerprint. Then your aligners will be delivered along with premium teeth whitening so you can show off those pearly whites.

Throughout the treatment process, you will also have the ability to check in with your dental professional every 90 days when you log in to your account online. You can also contact your dental team at any time by phone or through your online account, should an emergency arise.

Step 3 - Smile!

After checking with your doctor and completing treatment, you can purchase a set of retainers for $99. Wear them at night to keep your new smile in place. You can also order touch-up whitening treatments any time.

Do Smile Direct Aligners Hurt? 

It’s not uncommon to feel mild discomfort when using aligners as your teeth are shifting into place over time but most people feel absolutely zero pain.

Aligners are meant to slowly shift your teeth overtime so there is very rarely pain in the process. However, in the unlikely event that you do experience discomfort, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Smile Direct professional.

How Do You Use Smile Direct Aligners?

Aligners are meant to be worn at just about every point throughout the day, sans when you are eating or drinking. It’s important to always rinse your aligners and brush your teeth prior to replacing them after eating or drinking anything.

But rinsing your aligners won’t always do the trick. In fact, it’s crucial to thoroughly clean them every now and then to get rid of residual germs or bacteria. This can be accomplished by soaking them in a mixture of warm water and gentle liquid soap for 20-30 minutes.

In addition, there are differences between each new set of aligners and your current tooth position, so sometimes your new aligners might not seem to fit your teeth quite right. Use your included Chewies to help with this. Just chew on them like a piece of gum, moving them from one side of your teeth to the other, to make sure your aligners fit properly.

Lastly, it’s important to use retainers after completing an alignment process to help preserve your new smile. Smile Direct Club custom retainers are invisible, BPA-free plastic trays made to last about 6 months. You’ll wear them all day and night for the first 2 weeks, and then only at night after that.

One of the biggest benefits to using teeth aligners is that your oral hygiene and health will improve simultaneously. Because you have to constantly brush your teeth or avoid snacking randomly throughout the day, you are inadvertently improving the health of your teeth.

In order for any aligners to be effective, it’s important they are worn regularly. Most aligners need to be a work a minimum of 20 hours every day in order for the teeth to move into place.

 This leaves ample time (nearly 4 hours) for eating, drinking or otherwise. Try setting alarms or reminders to put your aligners back on. Using them consistently will help reduce the overall treatment time, meaning you get straighter teeth even faster!

Smile Direct Club Cost

Smile Direct offers two easy ways to pay for your aligner treatment: 

Single Pay

  • Easy one time payment of $1,850.
  • Custom clear aligners sent directly to you
  • Premium teeth whitening included

Smile Pay

  • Convenient monthly payments of $80
  • No credit check and no forms to fill out
  • $250 deposit, $80/mo. for 24 months ($2170 total)
  • Custom clear aligners shipped to you
  • Premium teeth whitening included

These two payment plans are great for candidates of any financial background or budget.


In addition to reasonable pricing, many dental insurance plans reimburse customers for a portion of the cost of invisible aligners. You can check whether your insurance will cover a portion of an alignment treatment here.

Customer Experience with Smile Direct Club

There are many invisible teeth straightening companies out there today, but Smile Direct Club is leading the way with their customer service. They have done to teeth straightening today, what Uber has done for the taxi service. They have taken an industry and redesigned it. Not only making it better, faster and cheaper, but also keeping their customers happy.

Customers are loving the the fact that they can straighten their teeth without the hassle of going to the orthodontist constantly. Not only is this saving their customers time, but it also is less painful. There is no need for an orthodontist to tighten your braces and go through all that pain.

Smile Direct Club not only has made teeth straighten more affordable, they have also creating a supportive groups online including facebook groups, creating a support system for all those who are using their product or considering using their product.

Smile Direct Club is leading the way and changing teeth straightening for the better. If you don't have major teeth straightening issues and you qualify for their program. It comes highly recommended.

In conclusion 

Smile Direct Club is ideal for those wanting a straighter, more perfect smile. It is convenient in the fact that the entire process can be completed in the comfort of your own home and online. The impression kit and aligners can be sent straight to your door without you needing to step into a dentist office.

Additionally, this is a safe program headed by licensed dentist and orthodontists so you know you are getting great and effective care.

To learn more about Smile Direct Club, you can visit their website here.

Pros & Cons

It can be difficult to determine how certain products are better or worse than similar ones on the market. For that reason, we have outlined the pros and cons of using Smile Club Direct below.


  • Direct Savings - The professionals at Smile Direct believe you shouldn't have to pay a small fortune for a smile you'll love. They work directly with customers, avoiding costly office visits and shipping aligners straight to your door
  • Convenience - One of the biggest draws in opting for Smile Club Direct is knowledge you can make impressions of your teeth in the comfort of your home. Simply send your impressions back to the Smile Direct professionals and they will take care of the rest. The remainder of the process can be completed online with monthly payments and more. Smile Direct have made the teeth alignment process and procedure more streamlined for a better guest experience.
  • Professionals - The professionals at Smile Direct are all licensed dentists and orthodontists so you can rest easy knowing you will be using a safe and effective product through this aligner program.


  • Retainers - A few competing brands offer retainers at the end of treatment for free while Smile Club Direct sells them for $99 (However, the overall cost of Smile Club Direct is less than competitors, meaning you are saving money regardless of having to purchase retainers at the end of the procedure.)
  • Won’t Fix Severe Cases - Severe mouth crowding may require additional dental work, surgery or otherwise. Like most aligner treatments, Smile Direct aligners are perfect for fixing gaps, moderate tooth crowding and straightening teeth. In many cases, Smile Direct will work and be effective but, if you are unsure, take the free assessment quiz on their website to determine your eligibility. You can also visit any Smile Direct shop and receive an in-person consultation.
  • More Hands-On - The nature of the Smile Direct process is more hands-on than opting for an in-office procedure. Because of its convenience for at-home use, the user must make the impressions themselves and mail them in. However, Smile Direct also offers in-office consultations at their Smile Shops where the impressions can be made for you. This is ideal for those who may not feel confident making the impressions themselves.


Smile Direct Club is ideal for anyone wanting straighter teeth and to improve their overall smile.

 In severe cases, teeth aligners may not be be enough and surgery or other means might be required. Taking the free assessment on the Smile Direct Club website or coming in for an in-person consultation can help determine whether or not or teeth will benefit from aligners.