Are you looking to buy a new Oral B electric toothbrush and are you trying to decide if you should buy the Oral B 6000 vs Oral B 8000 model?

The importance of daily oral care is quite clear. Unless you want to end up racking up thousands of dollars in dentist bills or walking around with missing or rotten teeth, you will want to listen to what the experts say — and that is to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day.

It’s not that people forget about dental care. It is just that most are lazy and don’t think that missing a couple of brushing sessions will do them any harm.

 But that is how bad habits are formed, and before you know it, you will be battling with tooth decay and stains.

We understand that some people are not the most comfortable with a manual toothbrush, either because they are not sure how to perform the necessary circular movements or due to the gum bleeding that they experience. Luckily, an electric toothbrush can put an end to those insecurities.

With many big names doing their best to come up with innovative dental care products, Oral B stands as one of the most trusted brands on the market, with decades of industry experience.

Their products are not only reasonably priced given the quality you are getting, but also easy to use and include innovative features that are essential for proper dental care.

 In this article, we will be reviewing two of the most popular Oral B electric toothbrushes — the 6000 and 8000. 

We will consider the essential features, differences as well as pros and cons before coming up with a final verdict and a few suggestions on how to choose the best electric toothbrush. So, here is some information for you to chew on.

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Products Overview

As it is called the so-called ‘Battle of Giants,’ it is safe to say that these two toothbrushes stand as two of the best on the dental care market.

Now, while the Oral B 8000 includes everything that you might expect from a SmartRing brush, it seems that the Oral B 6000 still manages to offer it some good competition.

This should come as no surprise given the fact that the 8000 is the upgraded version of Oral B 6000. The newer model includes several innovative features related to the simplicity of use, as well as gum care and whitening modes.

Both brushes are highlighted by a convenient pressure sensor that is there to prevent aggressive brushing and related issues.

It is situated on the handle, and it will light up pausing your brushing when it detects too much pressure. It works great along with the SmartRing, which is there to alert you when the indicator lights up so that you don’t miss it.

One of the most essential features of these brushes is the excellent battery life. Once fully charged, both the Oral B 6000 and Oral B 8000 can last you for 14 days without needing to be charged again.

Additionally, the timer and pacer will ensure that you brush your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes, buzzing every 30 seconds to indicate you should move on to the next section of your mouth (left, right, top, and bottom teeth).

As you can see, the overall concept of these electric toothbrushes are very much the same. On the other hand, there has to be a reason why people prefer one over the other, right? So let’s keep reading to find out why.

Oral B 6000 or Oral B 8000

Appearance and Design

While the Oral B 8000 does resemble the design of Oral B 6000, there are clear differences which separate these two models. First of all, the Oral B 8000 is somewhat lighter, weighing 140 g (with the head) compared to the 168 g weight of the Oral B 6000. 

Also, the Oral B 6000 is thicker and broader, while the height of both models is the same (24 cm with head). Looking at the colors that this comes in, the Oral B 6000 is an all-white model with both the front plastic and rubber grip being of the same color. On the other hand, the front panel does have a silver accent to it, which makes for a unique brush design.

As for the Oral B 8000, it comes in the original Black color, which was criticized for the fact that the toothpaste stains were quite visible. This resulted in three more colors being introduced, including white, rose gold, and orchid purple — so you can choose which suits you best.

The main design segment we are interested in is the front panel that features the indicators and details that point to certain brush features. Here we are talking about the battery and pressure sensor indicators that are set below the modes and intensity levels. While the Oral B 6000 includes 5 modes, the ‘daily clean’ one is not featured on the panel.

It is the same with the Oral B 8000 brush, as only 5 out of 6 modes are highlighted on the front. The design of these electric brushes is compatible with most of Oral B heads, including Precision Clean, 3D White, Sensitive Ortho Care, and Dual Clean.


  • Before settling the ‘Battle of the Giants,’ we thought that highlighting the advantages of both products is a wise thing to do. Not only will your overall dental hygiene be improved, but these brushes will change the way you think of the dentist and oral care as a whole.
  • Both the Oral B 6000 and Oral B 8000 are well-made electric brushes that are highlighted by a slim and ergonomic handle that you will never get tired of holding.
  • Featuring the essential indicators and cleaning modes on the front panel, both brushes are user-friendly; this makes them perfect for someone who is just switching from a manual brush to a high-tech electric one.
  • The SmartRing at the top of the brush is a feature that will remind users to look at the front panel and see if there is a battery power or pressure sensor alert.
  • The Oral B 8000 does feature an additional tooth cleaning model, but both models offer superb plaque removing, gum cleaning, and even teeth-whitening performance. This is mostly due to the five same modes that the Oral B 6000 and 8000 feature as well as compatibility with most brush heads from the Oral B series.
  • The battery life of these two toothbrushes is incredible. The Oral B 6000 can run for 12 days straight, while the Oral B 8000 offers 2 more days’ worth of performance. These are excellent specifications for electric brushes. Also, the fact that Oral B 8000 can be charged using the SmartTravel Case is something you will find essential if you are always on the go. 
  • At the end of the day, the 16-degree angle bristles ensure that any hidden debris or plaque is removed from your teeth and gums.


  • As we mentioned above, there are not many things to be concerned about. Still, we will point out a couple of disadvantages just in case you are wondering.
  • The price is certainly not something that we can suggest as an advantage when it comes to the Oral B 8000. It is almost twice as costly as the Oral B 6000 while offering just a few features in exchange. Still, in the long-term, and compared to electric brushes from other brands, you will probably get your money’s worth.
  • Unfortunately, both products don’t feature the best warranty policy or customer service. This is a concern in case you have technical difficulties with the product.

Oral B 6000 & 8000 Comparison

While we have highlighted some of the similarities between these brushes, it is no secret that there are a few differences as well. Most are related to the features that are not included in the Oral B 6000 but that are included with the 8000.

But the question is — are these features critical for the brushing experience? This all depends on your needs and preferences. People that have problems with gum bleeding may find the Oral B 6000 better than the 8000, and vice versa when we are talking about teeth whitening potential.

In order to set things straight and give you an idea on which product may suit you better, we are presenting the key differences.

First of all, we need to look at the cleaning modes that are included in the offer. The Oral B 6000 features a few cleaning modes and no intensity levels.

There we have the daily clean, sensitive, gum care whitening, and pro-clean modes. The difference between this brush and the Oral B 8000 is not that critical (when talking about the modes), because the latter model has only the tongue cleaning feature as the added extra.

What is the tongue cleaning mode? It is a mode that will allow you to get rid of plaque and film on your tongue, helping you regain an optimal sense of taste.

While this is a difference, we don’t think that it is something that should make or break your decision because there are other effective ways of cleaning your tongue without paying almost double the price.

One of the most significant differences between these two models is the Smart Face Recognition, which is something that the Oral B 6000 brush doesn’t feature. The Oral B 8000 can be connected to your Smartphone via an app and allow you to see the position of the brush in your mouth.

The software will let you know if you have missed any of your teeth. We have to admit that this feature can prove to be quite critical when it comes to preventing cavities and teeth stains. The suction cup stand that comes along with it makes the whole positioning feature a lot easier too.

The next feature that the Oral B 8000 includes is the compact and convenient travel case. This one not only works as a sturdy case to put your brush away and store it while traveling, but it can also act as a charge box. The Smart Travel Case features a USB charger that you can connect the electric brush to and charge it until it is 100%. From there on, you have up to 14 days of optimal performance.

Another critical difference is the number of brush heads that these products include. The Oral B 6000 features only a single CrossAction brush head, while the 8000 one features the same CrossAction head, plus one 3D White and one sensitive brush head which is perfect for plaque removal, sensitive teeth, and gum health.

While these differences may or may not affect your final decision, we simply can’t disregard the fact that the Oral B 6000 is much cheaper than the Oral B 8000.

Yes, it doesn’t come with all the innovative design details, colors, or smart features that may improve the whole brushing experience, but if you are on a tight budget, you might as well go for the less costly model; you are still getting the benefits and essential features of a superb electric toothbrush while just missing on the personalized details.

No one can deny that both the Oral B 6000 and Oral B 8000 are electric brushes of the utmost quality, and there are no significant concerns considering the design or the performance of both of these brushes. Bearing this in mind, choosing between these is a matter of details and your budget.


There is no doubt that Oral B 6000 and Oral B 8000 sit among the most popular electric brushes on the market. Coming up with the final verdict is not as simple as you might expect.

What we can tell you is if you are on a budget, but you want to have the benefits of a high-quality electric toothbrush, then the Oral B 6000 should be your choice. On the other hand, if you are just looking to get your money’s worth, then the Oral B 8000 will work great considering its position recognition and customization features.