When it comes to brushing your teeth, you do of course need the right equipment in your arsenal. Yes, there are tons of different toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes out there, and they all have different features.

This can make it really hard to find the right product for you. However, that is exactly what we are here for today.

Today we want to compare two of the best electric toothbrushes out there right now: the Oral B 1000 and the Oral B 3000. Both are top of the line and high quality electric toothbrushes, but of course, they do have some differences between them. 

Let’s get to this Oral B 1000 vs 3000 comparison right now and figure out which one is best for you.

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Oral B 1000 or Oral B 3000 ?

3. Oral B 1000 Review

The Oral B 1000 electric toothbrush is a perfectly fine option to go with if you need something fairly basic but effective to clean your teeth on a daily basis.

For one, here you get the toothbrush itself, a nice cleaning head, and the charging stand too, all for a relatively low price. It’s definitely a fairly affordable option to go with and is one of the more cost effective electric toothbrushes out there right now, making it a good option if you are on a bit of a budget.

Now, the Oral B 1000 uses a combination of 20,000 pulses and 4,400 oscillations per minute for basic tooth cleaning and plaque removal.

This is fine for basic cleaning but may cause issues if you have sensitive teeth or sensitive gums.

However, for basic cleaning needs, it works just fine. When it comes to battery life and performance, the Oral B 1000 is not bad at all. It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which only takes a few hours to charge. If you maintain a regular brushing schedule, a single battery charge will last for maybe 10 days, which is amicable.

In terms of durability, the Oral B 1000 is no slouch either. No, it’s not a tank per se, but you should be able to drop it, and you can definitely wash it under some running water without fear of causing damage to it. 

The Oral B 1000 does also come with a pressure warning mode, which turns the oscillation feature off in the event that you are using too much pressure, therefore stopping you from damaging your gums.

Oral B 1000 Pros

  • Very affordable
  • Space friendly
  • Pressure sensor
  • Decent battery life
  • Very durable
  • Good for basic cleaning

Oral B 1000 Cons

  • Does not come with brush head storage
  • Not great for more advanced deep cleaning
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Only 1 brushing mode
  • Not great for very sensitive teeth

Oral B 3000 Review

The Oral B 3000 is a more expensive toothbrush to go with, nearly twice the price of the Oral B 1000, but it does come with some extras and more advanced features.

While they do use the same brushing technology, the Oral B 3000 can pump out up to 40,000 pulses per minute, combined with 8,800 brush head oscillations per minute.

Moreover, the Oral B 3000 also comes with more than 1 cleaning mode. This product features a basic daily cleaning mode, a gum care mode, and a sensitive teeth mode as well. It’s really versatile and provides you with a lot of cleaning options.

The Oral B 3000 does also have really good battery life. This product also comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, one that only takes a few hours to charge.

Depending on your brushing habits, the Oral B 3000’s battery should last for roughly 14 days. In terms of accessories, the Oral B 3000 comes with the brush head, the charging stand, and it also comes with a nice little storage container for some extra brush heads.

Now, what is really neat is that the Oral B 3000 comes with a Bluetooth and app connectivity feature. Yes, when using this product, you can connect to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth and record all brushing data on the corresponding application. It’s a convenient way to keep track of your brushing. 

Moreover, the Oral B 3000 also comes with a pressure sensor which lights up when applying too much pressure during brushing.

Oral B 3000 Pros

  • Great for advanced deep cleaning
  • 3 brushing modes
  • Awesome battery life
  • Superior durability
  • Pressure sensor
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Good for sensitive teeth
  • Comes with storage for brush heads

Oral B 3000 Cons

  • Quite expensive
  • Not as space friendly
  • Might be overkill for basic cleaning needs

Comparison Between The Oral B 1000 & 3000

First off, let’s talk about the main differences between both of these toothbrushes, and yes, there are quite a few of them.


  • Brushing Modes – One of the biggest differences you will find between the Oral B 1000 and the 3000 has to do with brushing modes. The Oral B 1000 only has the 1 brushing mode which is a basic daily cleaning mode. This is a normal brushing mode, which is just fine for basic cleaning. On the other hand, the Oral B 3000 is a little more advanced and comes with a total of 3 brushing modes. These brushing modes include daily clean, gum cleaning, and the sensitive cleaning mode. It’s a bit more versatile in this sense indeed.
  • Bluetooth – Another big difference between the Oral B 1000 and the Oral B 3000 has to do with Bluetooth connectivity. No, you usually would not think of normal toothbrushes coming with Bluetooth, but many modern ones now do. The Oral B 3000 comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which then allows you to transfer brushing data to the Oral B app on your phone or tablet. It’s a good way to keep track of your brushing and your results, something which the Oral B 1000 does not allow for.
  • Battery Life – Yet another big difference that you need to be aware of here has to do with battery life. Now, both the Oral B 1000 and the 3000 come with lithium ion batteries, as well as the necessary chargers. Also, both of these electric toothbrushes charge fairly quickly, so there is no issue there, although the Oral B 3000 may take slightly longer to charge, but there is a reason for this. With the same amount of daily use, the Oral B 1000’s battery will last for roughly 9 or 10 days, depending on how much you brush. On the other hand, the Oral B 3000 should last for up to 14 days on a single charge, once again depending on how much you brush. The Oral B 3000 just has better battery performance.
  • Toothbrush Speed – Yet another difference between both of these electric toothbrushes is the maximum speed at which they clean your teeth at. The Oral B 1000 features 20,000 pulses per minute combined with 4,400 brush head oscillations per minute, which is fine for basic cleaning. However, the Oral B 3000 is better for more advanced cleaning, as the brush head features 40,000 pulses per minute combined with 8,800 oscillations, for a much deeper cleaning.
  • Price – Yes, the Oral B 3000 is the more expensive of the two, with it costing somewhere around $90, and the Oral B 1000 costing somewhere around $60.
  • Accessories – This is going to be a short one, but the Oral B 3000 does come with a storage station for extra brush heads, as well as the charger and stand, whereas the Oral B 1000 only comes with the charger and stand, but no storage box for the brush heads.


  • Brushing Technology – One of the similarities which the Oral B 1000 and the Oral B 3000 share is that they use the same brushing technology. Both of these electric toothbrushes combine thousands of brush head oscillations as well as pulses to clean teeth, with the difference of course being that the 3000 pumps out way more of both.
  • Durability – Something that does stand out about both the Oral B 1000 and the Oral B 3000 is that they are both very durable. Both of them have a nice outer shell which can probably resist being dropped on the ground a few times. Moreover, both of them can get wet and be washed under running water without suffering any damage.
  • The Look – Although technically both of these toothbrushes do have different colors, they more or less look the exact same. They have the same shape and size, more or less.
  • Pressure Sensor – The other feature which both the Oral B 1000 and the 3000 share is that they have a pressure sensor. This is very important because if you apply too much pressure, you can cause damage, especially to your gums. Now, there is a small difference in how the pressure sensor functions, but both brushes have it. The Oral B 1000 stops oscillating when you apply too much pressure and the Oral B 3000 features a flashing light when you apply too much pressure.

Best Use For These Electric Toothbrushes

In theory, both of these toothbrushes, the Oral B 1000 and the Oral B 3000, are great products to get for daily teeth cleaning. Now, if you don’t really need Bluetooth connectivity, are fine with a few basic cleaning modes, and don’t want to spend all that much money, the Oral B 1000 is probably best for you. It’s a perfectly fine option to go with if you simply need to brush your teeth 3 times per day, and you usually don’t have many oral health issues to begin with.

However, if you are suffering from plaque or tartar buildup, you have lots of stains, or other oral health issues, and you need to be more on top of brushing.

To do so, you may require a slightly more advanced electric toothbrush with better features and it’s the Oral B 3000 that you might want to go for. Sure, it might be a bit pricier than the Oral B 1000, but it also has many more problem-specific brushing modes and other features which can come in handy for anybody who needs to greatly improve their oral health.


As you can see, both the Oral B 1000 and the Oral B 3000 electric toothbrushes have their benefits to them. Both do indeed perform amicably when it comes to keeping teeth clean. 

Now, there are some differences which you must keep in mind. For the most part, when it comes to maintaining top notch oral health, the Oral B 3000 is the more advanced and effective of the two, but of course, it also comes in at almost twice the price. Therefore, you now have to figure out how much money you want to invest in a toothbrush, and if you need a more advanced electric toothbrush, or if a basic one will do you just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Oral B 1000 or 3000 Come With A Timer?

Yes, what is convenient about both of these electric toothbrushes is that they come with timers. These timers are designed to ensure that you brush for 2 minutes, with the timer letting you know when to switch quadrants every 30 seconds.

Do I Need The Oral B 3000 For Basic Brushing Needs?

Now, the Oral B 3000 is a very advanced toothbrush with many cleaning modes, but it does come in at quite the price. If you have good oral health and just need to perform basic daily brushing, you are probably fine with the Oral B 1000.

Are There Replacement Batteries Available?

Yes, with both the Oral B 1000 and 3000, you can replace the rechargeable lithium ion battery once it has run its course.