Is Dental Care In Costa Rica Safe?

Is dental care in Costa Rica safe? If you are reading this it is likely that you have some major dental work that needs to be done and you are looking for alternative ways to save money.

Let’s face it today’s rising costs of dental work in the US is getting out of hand. Even with dental insurance, it can be extremely expensive to have any dental work done. Dental tourism is becoming more and more popular but is it safe?

The leading spot for American’s to have dental work done in Costa Rica. But is dental care in Costa Rica Safe? Yes, dental care in Costa Rica is safe. As a matter of fact, most dentists that practice in Costa Rica, actually get their degree abroad and study at the same schools your dentist did back in the United States.

So they have the same training as your dentist back home has and can perform all the same tasks from teeth whitening to root canals. Everything you are able to do back home you can do in Costa Rica, but at a fraction of the price.

Is Dental Care In Costa Rica Safe?

  • Same Schooling- Most of the dentists practicing in Costa Rica actually studied at the same schools your dentist did back home, but since the cost of living is much cheaper in Costa Rica. They are only able to charge a fraction of the price too as to what dentists would chargeback in the states. Dentists in Costa Rica are required to have at least 5 years of schooling in a dental institute.
  • Legal Licenses – All dentists practicing in Costa Rica are required to be registered with the Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas or the (National College of Dental Surgeons) which is similar to what we have set up in the United States. It is also easy to look up the credentials of all legally practicing dentist in Costa Rica with this website
  • Promed Seal – All dentists in Costa Rica have to be inspected by the Costa Rican government or the Costa Rican Health Chamber (PROMED) to ensure they are complying with safe international standards. Before you have any work done in Costa Rica, ask to see the dentists ProMed Seal. This will ensure that the dentist is up to practice with safety measures and that all their school certificates have been approved by the Costa Rican government.
  • Same Techinogly – Most dentists in Costa Rica are using the exact same equipment your dentist would be using back home. They are completely up to date with their technology, so you don’t have to worry about clinics using outdated equipment. It is all up to date and you can get all the same treatments in Costa Rica as you would back home, just at a fraction of the price.

Why You Should Consider Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is a fast and growing industry. Not only are you able to enjoy a nice and lovely vacation while you get your dental work done, but even considering the price of air flights, hotels, and food while abroad you are still likely to be saving money.

The average price for a crown in the United States is around $1200 in Costa Rica that same crown will cost you around $350. That is some considerable savings. If you needing several crowns or major dental work. You can easily pay for your vacation and still save money.

If you are needing a root canal and are planning on getting it done in the United States it would cost you around $2500, but if you make the trip down to Costa Rica or any other popular destinations with dental tourism it will only cost you around $600.

Dental tourism is becoming popular for anyone needing major dental work because the cost savings can be tremendous for anyone who needs major dental work done. If you have been putting off getting major dental work done because of the price, you might want to reconsider and think about going to Costa Rica for your dental work.

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