Are you looking to buy a new electric toothbrush? Have you heard about the FOREO Issa 2 Electric Toothbrush? It is a new and modern toothbrush that is competing against the leaders in the electric toothbrush world of Oral B and Philips.

It comes with a new slick and modern design that is easy and comfortable to use. But is it as good as the leading brands and what can it offer that Oral B and Philips can't? We dove deep into all of it's leading features to see if it is as good as the leading brands and what benefits you are get from switching over to the new foreo issa 2. 

Here is our detailed review on the Foreo Issa 2 Electric Toothbrush.

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Review of FOREO Electric Toothbrush

From time to time, you may get tired of using a manual toothbrush. Much like other appliances in your home, sometimes it's better to pay a higher cost for something that will last for the long term. A higher level of quality can mean that you enjoy cleaner teeth for the long term.

While initially, toothbrushes like the Foreo appear to have an extravagant cost, they can be worth the price. With a host of special features, the Foreo toothbrush is one that will make sure your oral health is the best it can be.

There are a number of electric toothbrushes available that don't really get the job done. Inexpensive versions may use standard batteries or simply rely on a small amount of vibration without any real science behind it. If you're going to pay more for a toothbrush, naturally you want to know that it's something your dentist would approve of.

To help you with finding the perfect toothbrush for your needs, we're taking a deep dive into what the Foreo has to offer. This modern-looking toothbrush is one that is sure to stand out in your home and get the job done, and done well.

Key Features

Sometimes, you just need to get serious about brushing your teeth. With the Foreo toothbrush, you can do exactly that. With 16 speeds, you'll be able to get all the power you need. Additionally, the Foreo's ability to be gentle on your gums is absolutely key. Check out all the great features it offers.

Exceptional Battery Life

One of the most appealing features that comes with this toothbrush is the incredibly long battery life. The manufacturers actually claim that the brush can function perfectly well with only a single charge a year. Just keep in mind, that likely only assumes a 2-minute use twice per day. This is great news for any travelers who don't want to hassle with carrying their electric toothbrush charger around everywhere they go. 

16 Speeds

To make sure that everyone can find their perfect speed, this brush offers 16 speed options to choose from. That may seem like a lot, but it's the perfect amount to make sure every user gets the ideal brushing experience. It's definitely worth trying out just for this feature.

Incredibly Soft

This brush is one that places a lot of focus on a gentle design. With manual brushes, we can often get too rough with our teeth in an effort to get them clean and shining. Instead, the Foreo opts to be gentle on your mouth while still clearing away the unwanted debris effectively.


Not only does this toothbrush get rid of plaque, but it also gives your gums a bit of a massage in the process. This can take some getting used to, but it will help to keep your gums healthy and happy, rather than irritated by the cleaning.

Changeable Brush Heads

When you're in need of a new brush, you can simply replace the head rather than buying a whole new toothbrush. That means you get to keep the toothbrush you love, and just freshen it up with a new head to keep the cleaning effective.

Extreme Sonic Power

When compared to most other electric toothbrushes out there, this one offers nearly double the sonic power. That means quicker, more efficient cleaning. You'll be unlikely to want to put this toothbrush down once you start using it.

Serious Pulsation

Every minute, this brush creates about 11,000 pulsations. This means it's really putting the work into getting your teeth clean. With all of those vibrations, plaque won't be able to stand a chance. Especially when combined with the ideal speed! This is one brush that won't slow down on you.


The head on this toothbrush is designed to be flexible, allowing it to reach difficult areas. This is always a benefit when you want to make sure your whole mouth gets clean, not just the teeth in the front! It also makes for an easier option for those who still have their wisdom teeth.

Size and Color Options

The Foreo brush is one that ensures you can get the ideal cleaning for everyone in the family. Multiple sizes means even the kids can get a brush that fits their mouth size and is easy to use. In addition, everyone can get their favorite color to distinguish their toothbrush from those of the rest of the family.

A 2-Year Warranty

On top of the quality guarantee, the manufacturers of this brush offer a warranty that lasts for 2 years. As a result, you'll know the company is looking out for you if anything should happen with the brush. Just make sure to check out the warranty beforehand to make sure you know what it covers.


  • Long Battery Life - The life on this battery is something truly magnificent. There are many electric toothbrushes that may be able to go a couple of weeks between charges, but the Issa 2 claims to be able to last an entire year. That's a pretty serious battery!
  • Creates Effective Results - Your teeth will be sparkling each time you're done using this brush. It's fantastic for making sure plaque is removed without too much force. As a result, those who use it find their mouths are much cleaner than when using a manual brush.
  • Gentle on Your Gums - This is a brush that is designed to gently massage your gums and clean around your teeth while getting rid of plaque. As a result, those who have sensitive teeth can rest assured that they can still get a quality clean without the irritation.
  • Modern Design - These toothbrushes have a design that almost seems futuristic. It's something that can easily add to the design of your bathroom when other electric toothbrushes might be more of an eyesore.
  • Several Speed Options - With 16 levels of speed to choose from, it's easy to find the one that works best for you. If you're new to using an electric toothbrush like this one, it can often be easiest to start at the lowest speed and move up only as you feel comfortable.
  • Intense Freshness - People who try this toothbrush find that it leaves their breath feeling fresh all day. That means not just after they brush, but long enough to keep their mouth squeaky clean until the next brushing session. It's a great way to maintain your oral health overall!
  • Unique Colors - The color selection offered for this toothbrush is perfect for the whole family. Each member will be able to select a color that matches their preferences. This is a great way to provide style to the whole family and make sure everyone knows which toothbrush is theirs.
  • Useful Attachments - For those who want to make sure their entire mouth is perfectly clean, there is a handy tongue cleaner available that you can attach to your Foreo toothbrush. It makes for a great way to put the finishing touches on your daily cleaning with style.
  • The Perfect Size for Everyone - If there are younger members in your family who you want to get the same hygiene benefits you do, you're in luck! Foreo also offers the Mikro and the Play, which are intended for younger users. They are essentially the same kind of brush, just in a more child-friendly size.
  • 10-Year Quality Guarantee - On top of everything else, this toothbrush is one that includes a quality guarantee that lasts for 10 years. That goes to show that you can expect some serious quality from the brush itself, as well as a company that is willing to back up their product to a high extent.


  • Head Size - Some have found that the size of the head on this brush is too large for their preferences. For those who have smaller mouths, it can make reaching everywhere more difficult. It's worthwhile to consider whether or not you need a smaller head before purchasing.
  • Sudden Lack of Function - In some cases, those who use this brush have discovered that it may cease working within a few months after the initial purchase. As a result, it's wise to make sure that the warranty covers this issue before making the purchase.
  • Power Button Problems - Over time, the power button on this toothbrush can begin to experience problems. This might include it taking longer for the device to actually turn on, or a refusal to turn on altogether. This aspect is something worth keeping an eye on if you decide to try this brush.
  • Difficulty Charging - While this is a toothbrush that claims to only need the rare charge, some may reach that charging point only to find that it will no longer hold a charge. This can be especially problematic when you need to give the brush more than a touch-up of power.
  • Customer Service Struggles - Some who discover issues with the toothbrush itself may also find problems with customer service. Typically, customer service can only be reached through email. Additionally, it may take time to receive a response, which can be frustrating considering the price you paid for the product and the quality guarantee provided by the company.

How Does It Work?

For the most part, the Foreo functions much like any other electric or sonic toothbrush. However, the additions to this one make it more effective when it comes to handling plaque without irritating your gums. These factors all show up within the design of the toothbrush overall.

When you take a look at the Foreo, you'll see the kind of bristles you might expect on any toothbrush. However, surrounding these bristles are also additional bristles made from silicone. These are designed to massage the gums while the regular bristles get to work on the plaque on your teeth.

Additionally, the vibration this toothbrush is capable of allows it to reach the nooks and crannies in your mouth more easily. You can also adjust that vibration to match your preferences. That way, you're not brushing too hard, but can still get the results you need.

Due to the design, many have found that they get a better clean than they might with other toothbrushes. That applies to both manual and other electric brushes. As a result, this one often proves to be well worth the cost, especially with the addition of the 10-year guarantee.


Most of us want to know exactly what we're getting when we spend our hard-earned money. It only makes sense that if you're going to pay the cost of a toothbrush like this, you want to know what's coming with it. While the accessories for this brush may be minimal, it just goes to show that the money you're spending is going towards the highest possible quality.

Upon making the purchase, you'll get all of these items:

  • The Issa 2 brush
  • A travel bag
  • A user manual
  • A lightweight charging cord


A toothbrush is one of the most important things you can own. Oral health is key, and a manual brush isn't always able to get the job done to the fullest extent. It's easy to miss some areas when you're brushing manually, and sometimes we may tend to brush with too much force, which can cause trouble for our gums.

However, a toothbrush like the Foreo is a great option for those in need of something effective and gentle. It's designed to be kind on gums and teeth rather than causing them more irritation. Additionally, the long battery life makes it a great option for those who want minimal fuss.

While there can be a few issues with this brush, it's one that most people find they can rely on. Just make sure that the head is the correct size for your mouth. Furthermore, it doesn't hurt to take a close look at the warranty in order to ensure that it will cover whatever you need it to.

Aside from that, this brush represents an investment that is likely to be a good one. Those who haven't experienced unfortunate issues with particular units claim that the brush is effective and gentle enough to work as a long-term solution.