Emergency Dental Care in Lanham, Maryland


Dental emergencies cannot be attended to by dentists operating their practices for limited hours during the day. An emergency can occur anytime and it requires immediate treatment and care. Emergency dental care attends to all oral health problems that cannot wait. Looking for an emergency dentist in Lanham, Maryland?

The norm is to consult a dentist at a scheduled time. Securing an appointment and that too within stipulated operating hours of a dentist has to happen in advance. Emergencies do not provide such luxury of time. If you have a dental problem that needs immediate attention, then you should seek emergency dental care at a facility that is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.


What is an Emergency Dentist?

Any dentist who practices at an emergency clinic or treatment center is an emergency dentist. Emergency dentists are no different from those who have conventional practices, operating during the standard business hours.

An emergency dentist may have a DMD or DDS degree. DMD is a Doctor of Dental Medicine. DDS is Doctor of Dental Surgery. An emergency dentist is licensed to practice, can prescribe medicines, treat various types of ailments and may even operate surgical procedures. However, complicated surgeries are usually planned and scheduled.

How to Book an Emergency Dentist in Lanham, Maryland?

You do not have to book an emergency dentist in advance. You can make an instant booking, usually via phone. You also have the option to visit an emergency dental care facility in Lanham, Maryland. Emergency dental clinics operate like an ER in a general hospital.

There are emergency dentists working on shifts. The roster ensures there is at least one emergency dentist on duty at any given point in time. You may or may not call an emergency dental clinic before you reach.


Walk-In Emergency Dentist at Lanham, Maryland

 A walk-in emergency dentist at Lanham, Maryland, is available twenty-four hours a day, throughout the week, and without any exception of public holidays or other special occasions.

You can visit an emergency dental clinic, walk-in and consult a dentist to seek urgent treatment and care. It is advisable to get someone to drive you to an emergency dental clinic in Lanham.

Debilitating pain and other serious symptoms of a dental emergency increase the risks of driving alone.

To avoid an accident or any untoward incident, it is better to have a family member or friend, even an ambulance if needed, to drive you to a walk-in emergency dentist.

Why you would see an Emergency Dentist?

 Most people see an emergency dentist when they are in unbearable pain due to some reason. There can be underlying dental problems causing serious pain.

Loss of tooth, impaired braces or abscessed teeth can cause pain. Significantly receded gums, infections in the mouth, physical injury, accident induced bleeding, substantial cracks in a tooth or major chipping away of teeth can cause pain and other sensations that are tough to endure.

All such conditions call for emergency dental care in Lanham, Maryland.

What to look for in an Emergency Dentist and Dental Treatment?

 An emergency dentist should be trained, qualified, experienced and licensed to practice in Lanham, Maryland. Emergency dental care can become a tad complicated, so experience in urgent treatment during a crisis is necessary for a dentist to be able to properly attend to a patient.

The availability of an emergency dentist is certainly something to take into consideration. If an emergency dental clinic does not have a dentist available, then it is futile to visit the facility.

You have to ensure that an emergency dentist can provide the urgent treatment and care that you need.

 Emergency dental treatment has to serve multiple purposes. The first aim is to alleviate the pain and reduce the severity of different symptoms.

This is often done with the help of medication. The second, but usually simultaneous, aim is to attend to the pressing problem. Even if a dental problem cannot be remedied completely at the moment, sufficient care and treatment should be provided to mitigate the condition, so the ailment does not get aggravated. Another major objective is to limit the secondary effects of an ailment.

Finally, emergency dental treatment must provide complete relief or layout the follow-up actions required to remedy the adverse condition.

 Immediate Dental Care in Lanham, Maryland

 Immediate dental care in Lanham, Maryland, can be limited or comprehensive. Some dental problems can be treated immediately. Some required follow-up treatment. Your emergency dentist should make appropriate recommendations.

What you can be certain of is getting immediate relief when you are provided adequate emergency dental care. Some dental conditions may seem to require immediate care, but are classified as non-urgent cases.

In such cases, an emergency dentist may recommend a scheduled treatment, after providing immediate relief from the pain and other symptoms.

 There is a difference between urgent or immediate dental care and non-urgent cases. The latter comprises of lost crown, damaged veneer and ill-fitting braces, among other cosmetic treatments. Some cases may call for medication to provide instant relief, but the procedures may be scheduled for a later date.

For instance, complicated surgeries are often beyond the available resources at an emergency dental clinic in Lanham, Maryland. Complex extractions and intensive surgeries are usually not performed at an emergency dental clinic.

Likewise, replacing lost filling, small chips and cracks, minor toothache due to stuck food or other such milder issues do not require emergency dental care.

How to book an Immediate Dental Care Appointment?

 It is not necessary to book an immediate dental care appointment. You can visit an emergency dental clinic in Lanham, Maryland, walk in and report your problem. An emergency dentist will attend to you in no time.

If you want to ensure an emergency dentist is available at the facility, you can call the number and speak with a rep. You can also book an immediate dental care appointment online. Since an emergency dental clinic has at least one dentist at any given point in time, you will have the required medical attention you need.


24-Hour Dentist at Lanham, Maryland

 A 24-hour dentist at Lanham, Maryland attends to only emergencies. An emergency dentist does not attend to scheduled consultations, routine visits, follow-up tests or regular check-ups, preplanned surgeries and other procedures that a general dentist and surgeon would do.

Emergency dental clinics have dentists working shifts, just as an ER is managed in hospitals. Dentists are on a roster. You will find at least one general dentist available at any time of a day or night.

What to do in a Dental Emergency in Lanham, Maryland?

 You can call an emergency dental clinic, book an appointment immediately and visit for an urgent diagnosis. You can also walk into an emergency dental clinic without any booking or appointment.

Scheduling an appointment or any advance booking is not mandatory for emergency dental care in Lanham, Maryland.

If you choose to drive to a dental clinic for emergency treatment, it is advisable to have someone with you. Driving yourself can be risky when you are experiencing severe pain, among other symptoms.

Extreme Tooth Pain

Are you having a Dental Emergency?

There are different types of dental problems that can be classified as an emergency, and hence you will require immediate treatment and care.

You have to ascertain if what you are experiencing does require emergency dental care in Lanham, Maryland.

Severe pain is one of the most common reasons for people seeking emergency dental care. The severe pain could be due to one or multiple reasons. Losing a tooth, serious chipping or cracking, physical injury, impaired braces, gum infections, and other dental ailments can cause unbearable pain.

If the pain is not manageable or endurable, and does not subside with medication, then you must visit an emergency dental clinic. In some cases, there may not be sufficient pain, but severe discomfort.

You must assess the degree of discomfort, if you are feeling incapacitated in any way, if you are unable to sleep or there are strange sensations in your mouth, then you should seek emergency dental care in Lanham, Maryland.

 It is better to seek emergency dental care than presuming a certain condition to be mild, or bearable. It would augur well for a patient to have a dentist infer that a condition is not as serious as it may seem to be. Emergency dental care does not always mean extensive treatments. Often, medication can alleviate the pain and other symptoms.

Most Common Dental Emergencies

Common dental emergencies are mostly due to accidents or injuries. Any physical injury to the face, or the mouth in particular, can lead to loss of tooth, bleeding and other problems. Bleeding should be stopped as soon as possible. A lost tooth can be reinserted if it is done soon enough.

Dentists recommend picking up the lost tooth immediately and reporting to an emergency dental clinic within thirty minutes. It is not difficult to restore the lost tooth if such an immediate action is taken.

However, if the lost tooth is not recovered and urgent restoration is not done, then one has to explore alternative remedies.

 Damaged tooth or teeth also necessitates emergency dental care. Minor chips or cracks do not require urgent attention, but if there is substantial physical damage to any of your teeth, then you should consult an emergency dentist. Many underlying dental ailments, including gum diseases, may cause sudden pain, discomfort and other sensations.

All such abrupt symptoms must be reported to an emergency dentist. It should be left up to the dentist to recommend the precise nature and course of emergency dental care.

Emergency Dental Services in Lanham, Maryland

 Emergency dental services in Lanham, Maryland, are available twenty-four hours a day. An emergency dental clinic is open on weekends and all public holidays. It is operated as an ER, so whenever you walk in or call, there will be a dentist available to attend to your emergency.

Emergency dental services are available for people of all ages. All dentists working at emergency clinics are licensed to practice. They are experienced in dental medicine. They are also trained and experienced in carrying out emergency procedures to treat a plethora of dental conditions.

Some dental problems require pain management and a scheduled procedure at a later time. Nonetheless, it is necessary to consult with an emergency dentist whenever there is a serious dental problem.

A few dental problems can be managed solely with medication. Emergency dental services in Lanham, Maryland, cover all such possible treatments and subsequent ways to care for your oral health.