Emergency Dentist College Park, Maryland


Emergency dental care should not be impeded. If you have an urgent dental emergency that requires immediate attention from a dentist, then you should swiftly call Emergency Dental College Park, Maryland. You can also visit our emergency dental care facility, which is open 24 hours a day, throughout the week, without any exception. You will always find a walk-in emergency dentist at College Park, Maryland.

There are various types of dental problems, some of which require immediate inspection, diagnosis and treatment. These are referred to as urgent dental treatments that cannot be scheduled for a later time or day. Emergency dental care is available round the clock, not limited to weekdays or business hours. If you are experiencing unbearable pain, if any of your dental problems is incapacitating or if you have any other dental accident, call us immediately or visit our emergency dental care facility.

What is an Emergency Dentist?

An emergency dentist can attend to urgent dental problems, such as tooth injury, severe toothaches, bleeding, knocked out or lost tooth, broken or cracked tooth, broken crown, abscess tooth and impaired braces causing serious discomfort.

An emergency dentist usually doesn’t perform oral surgeries, or complex extractions. However, every urgent dental problem is attended to in a holistic manner, including but not limited to comprehensive diagnostics, emergency treatment and medicinal care.

How to Book an Emergency Dentist?

You can give us a call or book an immediate appointment online. You can also visit and walk into our emergency dental care facilities in College Park, Maryland.


Walk-In Emergency Dentist at College Park, Maryland

Our walk-in emergency dentist is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You do not need to schedule an appointment. You do not have to wait for the usual business hours.

You can visit our facility whenever you have an emergency and you will be provided the relevant urgent dental treatment; care.

Extreme Tooth Pain

Why you would see an Emergency Dentist?

There are many unforeseen instances when you may have to see an emergency dentist. You may be injured in an accident. You could lose a tooth, your gums may bleed, several teeth could be hurt and damaged or you may have impaired braces, damaged crowns and other emergencies.

You may experience severe pain due to some reason.

The pain can be incapacitating and you may not be able to wait till the business hours of the next day to consult a dentist and subsequently get some relief. There are situations when you have to consult an emergency dentist immediately.

If the treatment required is urgent, then our emergency dentist will attend to it immediately.

What to look for in an Emergency Dentist and Dental Treatment? 

An emergency dentist is trained and experienced in general dentistry. Additionally, an emergency dentist may be specialized in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, among others. An emergency dental treatment is usually limited to the immediate problem.

Emergency dental treatment does not include routine care or remedying problems that do not require immediate intervention. The latter kind of dental problems can be scheduled for and treated later. All immediate dental problems requiring urgent care are attended to by our emergency dentist.

You need to look for an emergency dentist, who would immediately attend to your dental problem, provide you the relevant treatment and relief, issue clear advisories to care for your health and prescribe follow-up measures.

An emergency dental treatment must remedy the pressing problem, provide immediate relief and account for follow-up care. Complicated dental injuries, chronic problems and some serious diseases may require more than an instant dental treatment.

While the emergency dental treatment will provide relief and alleviate the graveness of the problem, a sustained remedy will be recommended by the attending dentist.

Immediate Dental Care in College Park, Maryland

There are two types of dental emergencies, and hence distinct approaches to dental treatment ; care. A dental emergency may require urgent or immediate care. Or, it may merit a non-urgent response.

Severe toothache, dental abscess, loose tooth, knocked out tooth, broken tooth, a substantial piece of missing tooth, large chip or crack in tooth, bleeding and severe pain due to some reason, are conditions that call for immediate dental care.

An emergency dentist would attend to any of these problems whenever you experience them.

 Dental emergencies that do not call for immediate treatment are lost filling, bridge or crown, dull or bearable toothache, food stuck between teeth, a small crack or chip in a tooth, and some other problems.

Any dental problem that can be managed with some medicine and expert advice to be treated in a day or due course of time is not classified as an urgent issue requiring immediate or emergency dental treatment.

How to book an Immediate Dental Care Appointment?

You can book an immediate dental care appointment online. You can call our number and use the relevant options to complete a booking. You can also visit our emergency dental care facility in College Park, Maryland. We have walk-in emergency dentists available through twenty-four hours. 


24-Hour Dentist at College Park, Maryland

The principal difference between a normal dentist and an emergency dentist is availability, and hence working hours. Usually, a dentist would accept appointments for within the business hours. Such appointments are scheduled well in advance.

Patients cannot visit such dentists on any day or at any time, even within the business hours on weekdays. An emergency dentist is available for consultation and immediate treatment without any prior appointment or scheduling.

24 hours dental care is similar to an ER, or emergency room. ER facilities at hospitals do not require patients to book appointments in advance. Any patient with an emergency can visit these facilities.

There are emergency doctors and nurses available through twenty-four hours to attend to the immediate medical problems of patients. Likewise, a twenty-four hours dental care facility attends to patients and their emergencies at any point in time, day or night, without any prior appointment.

24 hours dental care is important for anyone who has an emergency. There are several types of dental problems, including but not limited to accidents, that cannot be left untreated for days, or even hours.

There are dental problems that can be treated over a period of time. Problems that require immediate treatment and care call for a dental care facility that operates twenty-four hours a day. This is precisely what you get at Emergency Dental College Park.

What to do in a Dental Emergency?

You should immediately see an emergency dentist. You must call an emergency dental care facility or drive to the nearest one, walk in and get the problem diagnosed by a dentist. Any dental emergency can lead to a serious medical problem, and there can be complications.

If you think you are having a dental emergency, then you should not wait for daybreak or the usual business hours. You must contact an emergency dentist or dental care facility and get treated immediately.

Are you having a Dental Emergency?

You must assess the severity of your dental problem to know if it is an emergency. Are you experiencing extreme pain in your teeth, gums or mouth? If the pain is unbearable and you are experiencing some degree of incapacitation, then you must seek immediate dental care.

If your teeth or gums are bleeding, if you have lost a tooth or one is too loose and about to be fall off, if a large chunk of your tooth is cracked or chipped, if you have some other kind of injury and any strange discomfort that you cannot endure, then you are having a dental emergency.

You should call an emergency dentist, or walk into an emergency dental care facility in College Park.

Most Common Dental Emergencies

Tooth injury is the most common dental emergency, among both children and adults. Tooth injuries can happen anytime and at any place. Any unchecked headfirst fall or bumping into a hard surface can cause tooth injury. Toothaches are equally common.

There are multiple causes of toothaches. Not all toothaches require emergency dental care. Only the severest of toothaches call for the immediate intervention of an emergency dentist. However, you can always get a toothache diagnosed by an emergency dentist, just to be safe.

Minor toothaches, such as one caused due to food being caught between teeth, can be easily remedied. Flossing can relieve such minor toothaches. Warm water swishing can alleviate mild toothaches. If you have a severe and unbearable toothache, visit an emergency dental care facility. For other toothaches, you can schedule an appointment.

However, do not let the pain fester and certainly avoid delaying a diagnosis. If you are unaware of the actual cause of your toothache, it is always better to get diagnosed and informed to prevent a serious medical problem remaining untreated.

Knocked-out tooth is an emergency. It requires immediate attention. A loose tooth is also a serious problem. You may have the tooth fall off and it may cause choking. The emergency could be worse if you are asleep. It is imperative that you see an emergency dentist if you have a loose tooth.

A broken or cracked tooth also calls for emergency dental care.

Minor cracks or slight chipping of teeth may be attended to later. Abscess tooth and impaired braces causing substantial discomfort are also emergencies that require immediate dental treatment and care.

Irrespective of the type of dental problem you experience, you can always consult an emergency dentist. The dentist can then advise you to take appropriate actions.

If immediate treatment is not necessary, the dentist can guide you to take proper care till the time you get the problem resolved.

Emergency Dental Services

Do not avoid or delay emergency dental treatment. There are many dental problems that can be immediately remedied by an emergency dentist. For example, a knocked-out tooth can be put back into its socket.

You should pick the knocked-out tooth by its crown, and not by the root, bring it into an emergency dental clinic and a dentist will put it back.

Dentists recommend seeking emergency care within thirty minutes of having a tooth knocked out due to some reason. Likewise, a loose tooth can be treated and an emergency can be averted.

Several dental problems turn severe and become emergencies due to lack of timely intervention. Always seek emergency dental treatment and care.

Only those dental problems that can wait should be treated during usual business hours, following the scheduling of an appointment.