Best Infant Toothbrush

Are you looking for your baby's first toothbrush? Wondering what will be the best infant toothbrush you can use on your newborn?

Even though newborns don't have teeth and most likely won't have teeth until they are around 6 months, it is still important to start good dental hygiene with your newborn baby. 

It is important to start brushing your infant's teeth or gums even before they get their first tooth. This is important because it will not only help train their gums to get used to using a toothbrush, but it will also teach them to be comfortable with you brushing their teeth.

It teaches them good habits and gets them comfortable with having a toothbrush in their mouth. 

It can also come in handy when they start teething. This is a very sensitive time for them, and can be very painful. However, if they are already used to you brushing their teeth or their gums, it can help to relieve the discomfort they may be feeling. 

We have reviewed infant toothbrushes out there and picked our top 5.

Here are the top 5 best infant toothbrushes

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Top 5 Best Infant Toothbrushes

Baby's First Toothbrush with Case

This is the perfect toothbrush to get your baby started. Easy to use before they have any teeth. Fits comfortably over your finger and is soft and gentle on your baby's gums.

Perfect to get your baby used to having something in its mouth and brushing its gums and teeth. It is small enough that you don't have to worry about choking your baby, and since it is attached to your finger it also helps not to choke your baby. 

This is the perfect first toothbrush you will want to use on your infant. Making it the best infant toothbrush. 

Baby Toothbrush Silicone Eccomum 2 Pack Infant Training Toothbrush

This toothbrush is extra soft and impossible for your baby to choke on. It is designed for your baby to take over and get used to brushing its own teeth, or at least chewing on the toothbrush and thinking they are brushing their teeth. 

Teach your baby good brushing habits from the very beginning with this easy to use toothbrush. Easy for you to use on your baby or for your baby to enjoy solo.

A great toothbrush to use on your infant and for your infant to grow into as they get older. 


This is a great toothbrush for any parent that is looking for a toothbrush that can go from infant stage to toddler toothbrush. Since it will work well for baby's beyond the infant stage. 

However, this toothbrush wasn't as soft as some of the others we tested. Also, if you are looking for a finger toothbrush than this infant toothbrush is probably not for you. It is great for a transition toothbrush, and easy to use for your baby.

We really liked it for the age group 6 month - 2 year olds. It has an easy to use handle, so once your baby is old enough it can easily hold and brush its on teeth. 

Training Teether Tooth Brush for Infant

This fun infant toothbrush that looks like a banana is a great toothbrush for your baby and enfant.

It is soft enough to use on your enfant and designed for them to take over brushing when they are old enough. 

It is fun and easy to use for all babies. Making it a great training toothbrush. 

Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush

This is a great first toothbrush for your baby. It is designed not only for you to brush their teeth, but for them to use as a teething toy when they start to get their first set of teeth in.

It comes in all sorts of fun colors so it will be easy to find and keep track of. Also making it more fun for your baby when they use it as a teethening toy.

Why It Is Important To Brush Your Infant's Teeth

Having a newborn or an infant can be a trying time. You are up all night, not getting much sleep adjusting to having to care for another human being. Your life completely changes over night and as much as you plan for it, it is like nothing you ever expected. 

There is so much to learn about taking care of your little one, when to give them a bath, when they need to sleep, how often you need to feed them. The list goes on and on and on. The last thing you are probably thinking about is brushing their teeth, especially since most likely they don't have any yet.

Even before your infant has teeth it is important to start brushing them. This not only gets you used to brushing your baby's teeth, but also gets your baby used to having a toothbrush in its mouth.

It's never too early to start brushing your baby's teeth. 

What Should You Look For In Your Baby's First Toothbrush?

Most likely your baby's first toothbrush is not likely one it is going to remember. It is more than likely your baby will hardly handle it, besides maybe chewing on it. Let's remember that brushing your infant's teeth or shall we say gums, is more just to get in the habit of brushing the teeth.

When you are buying your baby's first toothbrush you want to look for something that is going to be gentle on their gums. You don't want to hurt your baby. Just like your baby's skin and hair, their gums and mouth are more sensitive than ours. That is why you can't just use a normal toothbrush.

You need to buy and use a toothbrush that is designed for infants. The toothbrush itself is much softer and more gentle than a toothbrush designed for adults.

It will most likely come in fun colors and shapes to make your baby or infant want to grab and use it, once they are able too. Most importantly it will have soft bristles, and be made of a nice rubber or silicon that your baby can chew on. 

Also, you want to be sure you know what age you are buying for and buy an appropriate aged toothbrush. As your baby grows you will want to change its toothbrush with age. Just like their clothes and diapers, it is a good idea to use an aged approved toothbrush. 


What Toothbrush is Right for You and Your Infant?

This is an easy question to answer, because more likely than not your infant is going to tell you they don't like their toothbrush because of its color. Most likely they won't be able to tell you anything about their toothbrush. 

The right toothbrush for them is going to be one that is gentle on their gums and one that you will use on them. You can pick one of your favorite animal if you want to, but the most important thing is going to be that you use it on them, so they can get used to you brushing their teeth before they have them.

Just be sure to pick a toothbrush that is designed for infants and don't try to use an adults toothbrush on them as it will be too hard for their sensitive gums. 

How Much Should You Spend On Your Baby's First Toothbrush?

The best thing about buying your baby's first toothbrush is it's not going to break the bank. You shouldn't have to spend more than $10 on a toothbrush to get what you want and what is going to be right for you and your baby. 


Thank you so much for reading this article on the best infant toothbrush, if you enjoyed it or your infant is growing up so fast like they always do you might have like our article on best toddler toothbrush