Are you looking to buy a nice user-friendly intraoral camera? We reviewed some of the top and easy to use cameras, so you can have the best intraoral camera out there today.

We looked at price, quality of picture, and user-ability functions and narrowed it down to our favorite 5 picks.

We wanted a well rounded camera that not only was comfortable for your needs, but was also pleasant on your patenicens without sacrificing quality photos.

Intraoral Cameras are a growing and much needed equipment for your dental practice. They are quickly replacing old and outdated check-ups by giving you the a better view of the patient's mouth.

They normally work with software and computers that you are ready have in your dental office. They are small, but can add a ton of value to your practice. 

Here is a list of the best intraoral cameras on the market today. 

Summary of the Top 5 Intraoral Cameras for 2020:

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Best Intraoral Cameras 

ProDENT HD Intraoral Camera PD760

The ProDent PD760 has 6 LEDs surrounding the camera shoots at 720p. It has a 2-megapixel sensor, with shooting at 5 to 50 mm with autofocus. It has the capture button, with an easy to use zoom button at 4x. Clear and sharp images that shows great detail in all photos.

No Driver needed with the ProDent 760 just plug in and ready to use. Works well with Windows 7/8/10 

Integrates well with the Eaglesoft, Dexis and Carestream system. 

Lightweight and small at just 8 inches and 2 oz. 

It comes with a detachable cord and super easy to plug it in also has a mount that’s magnetic. It also has protective sheets.

It works well with all major software but if there’s a problem the user manual should be helpful, if not then you can check the company website for a link. 


  • Wide Lense- This camera has a wide lense range
  • Design - We love its slick easy to use design.


  • Software - The Software it comes with can be buggy

Intraoral Camera DARYOU DY-60 720P HD 4X Zoomable Super Clear Dental Camera

The Intraoral Camera DY-60 is a high-quality HD camera that offers 4x the zoom with clear and precise images at 720P also a visual angle of 105 degrees.

Wide focus lens with auto-adjusting ability. There is an easy to use upper and lower caption button for taking all the photos. Takes photos at a 3mm to 50mm range. Images are able to print and be saved via software. 

Lightweight camera at 30 grams, less than 2 oz. It does come with 50 protective sheets and is a waterproof camera head and can use cavi wipes to disinfect. Just do not saturate lens.

Lifetime customer support. 

Easily able to connect to computers USB and compatible with Windows 10/8/7 no other hardware of software required.

Comparable with pro suni and practiceworks Carestream software. No additional purchases required is able to be used on multiple workstations.

Ability to save and print photos a plus.


  • Automatic Sensors - Its automatic sensors help you save on power. 
  • Light Weight- Its light weight model makes it easy to use.


  • Price- This camera is a little more expensive than other models

DARYOU Deluxe 2MP Wireless Cordless INTRAORAL Dental Camera

The DarYou Deluxe 2MP wireless cordless camera come from a reputed brand and this comes with everything you need to get started. 

This is a reliable product that is a great starter model if you are just adding intraoral camera to your practice. It is easy to operate with a wide non-spherical lens, that has the ability to resist foggy breathe that can tend to block the image.

It also comes with a auto-focus lense to provide you with clear and crisp images. 


  • 5 Megapixel Senor- Get the quality images that you need 
  • Autofocus- Comes with great autofocus ability to give you the images you need


  • Cable- The cable has been know be loose with the conection

CARESHINE USB IntraOral Dental Camera HK790 Endoscope USB Camera

The CARESHINE IntraOral HK790 camera has 6 LED lights and an advanced optical lens system. It has a color temperature filter and an automatic white balance. Clarity and image sharpness a plus. 

The camera is a 5.0 Mega Pixels high resolution with a wide adjusting focus lens.

Records video for patients to have a visual perspective. Dual capture buttons. Picture resolution is 2560(H) x 1920(V).

The camera is not waterproof but protective sheaths provided. Sheath MUST BE USED and can NOT BE WIPED with chemical wipes. Magnetic mount provided to help keep the camera in place. Lithium battery charges quickly 35 mins for one charge.

Connects directly with USB ports. Easy plug-and-play no driver needed. CD provided to install the software.

Comparable with Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Works with most dental software such as Dexis, Eaglesoft, and Apetryx. Pictures and videos can be saved on the laptop directly. 


  • LED Lights- This one comes with great LED lights to give you extra viewing abilities.  .
  • Automatic White Balancing - It automatically balances the whites in your photos to give you better photos


  • Newer Model - This is a newer model so it hasn't been tested as much as the others

DARYOU Intraoral Camera DY-50 Dentists Trusted Super Clear Dental Camera

The DARYOU DY 50 has a 5 mm to 50 mm camera with a video output of 640 x 480 with autofocus. The length of camera is 200 mm distance. The camera is NOT water-proof. Sheaths must be used and you should not use chemical wipes otherwise, it gets either foggy.

The device is lightweight at 34 grams which is less than 2oz. It comes with a magnetic camera holder, CD for software installation. The camera comes with imaging software. You can take the image in that software and images are stored and managed by that software. 

In order to make the capture button work in your dental software, such as Dexis, you must install Daryou Button Driver. Daryou Capture Button Driver is included.

Open the PDF file on the mini-CD to install it. Does help the camera button work in DEXIS, Eaglesoft, Apteryx ,XDR,Schick, Cleardent, DentiMax, AbleDent, CaptureLink, CliniView, ProfSuni, Digora,Tracker, EasyDent-i,Visix,Carestream/Kodak,VixWin,CADI,Dentrix Image,(Carestream) CS Imaging


  • Price - Great Camera for the price you pay
  • Easy to Use - This camera, however it is suggested to use with a foot pedal.


  • Not Waterproof: This model is not waterproof and much be used with sheaths to protect it

Buying Guide For Intraoral Cameras

Now that you decided to buy an intraoral camera, what qualities should you be looking for?  Besides price, what should you be looking for to ensure you buy a good quality product?

Here is what we recommend when buying a new intraoral camera. 

Focus - 

When buying a new intraoral camera, it is a good idea to find one that has great focus ability. This will help ensure that you can always get the image you need and you won't have to worry about going back to take more better photos. Most cameras these days come with an autofocus, but it is always good to double check. 


We always recommend going with less. The less buttons a camera has the easier it is going to be to use. Sometimes our equipment comes with extra buttons that we never use. Sometimes less is more. It is always a good idea to know what your needs are. If you don't need all the bells and whistles, it is better to keep it simple.


Another good thing to consider when you are buying a new intraoral camera is the software that it comes with. Always better to stick with what you know and something that will work with what you already have. Like we said before it is better to keep is simple. 

Viewing Angle

When looking for a new camera it is always a good idea to get a better range of viewing angles. This will help you to narrow the viewing angles that you are looking for and will help you to zoom in and out to ensure you get the right image.


We tend to prefer a camera with a good light on it and tend to look for models with a great LED light. This helps to ensure that your images won't be dark and you will be unable to read them. Because there is no point in having a great intraoral camera if you can't see the images. 


Be sure to do your research before buying any new piece of equipment for your practice and know what it is exactly that you are looking for. There are many different models in all price ranges, so it is best to know what you need.  

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